The Business of Entertainment

Licensing and Merchandising

Whether you are in Consumer Products and Services looking to acquire a branded license, or whether you are an Intellectual Property rights holder, Brian Forbes and his team have the research, legal and merchandising experience to negotiate and secure your licensing deal.

Marketing, Publicity and Promotions

It’s no secret that a film or television distribution company will typically spend at least three times the actual production cost on marketing and distribution fees. In a world of billions of eyeballs being barraged by competing media, the only way an entertainment project can succeed is with highly creative, economically efficient, strategic promotional marketing and well-placed publicity. Brian has been a leader in the field of highly creative promotional marketing for the largest motion picture and television production and distribution companies in the Western World.

Global Reach of Press and News Releases

We are contributors to The Associated Press; Reuters; BBC News Services; PR Newswire; Newswire Next and  Newswire Today to ensure wide distribution of our clients’ most relevant and immediate news and information..

Entertainment Finance

Production And Entertainment Accounting And Bookkeeping

Each entertainment project or individual episode is a complete business by itself. The Production Accountant has to be available to be onsite when necessary and have experience with Film Industry requirements including, tac planning; location tax credits; royalty tracking; licensing and royalty audits; merchandising costs, revenue and losses; profit participation tracking and reporting; and among others, Domestic Production Activity Deductions.

Distribution and Financing

Less common are the days when motion pictures projects are fully financed and then distribute by major studios and distribution companies. This has lead to a variety of creative financing and the producer may find it necessary to gather a patchwork of financing to realize a project. We can help guide production financing through the maze of options from private investors; grants; tax credits and non-profit sponsorship; crowd funding; territorial or subsidiary distribution rights and presales; gap funding; negative pickup deals and completion bonds.

We can also help negotiate distribution choices which include theatrical; direct to video or DVD; streaming; digital sales. And we can help with foreign rights sales to other markets. 

Entertainment business Resources

In addition to our own Journal of Entertainment Marketing and Merchandising, we present relevant articles and publication material to help educate members of the entertainment industry on Intellectual Property Rights.

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