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Miscellaneous From The Film Vault

1992, Ray Harryhausen receives a Lifetime Academy Award.

L to R, Ray Harryhausen; Marcella Cervon; Forrest J Ackerman; 

Ray Bradbury and Brian Forbes..

Actress Ann Robinson; Forrest J Ackerman and Brian Forbes at the 25th Anniversary release of Paramount’s War of the Worlds in 1978

Brian Forbes and Harlan Ellison circa 1978.

Brian Forbes and Forrest J Ackerman 1977.

Brian Forbes, Science Fiction author A. E. van Vogt.

Brian Forbes with friend / Actor Richard Kiel during the opening of the James Bond Moonraker film..

Ann Robinson, Brian Forbes, Robby the Robot.

Anthony Zerbe making orange juice for me 1978.

Helping Shelly Berman develop new material 1994.

With Jazz great Benny Golson after working on Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal.

With master Puppeteer and ventriloquist figure maker Rene Zendejas. Almost every puppet and ventriloquist figure seen on TV and movies came from Rene’s Studio.

I never got a chance to have a photo with him but Rod Serling and I corresponded for a long time.. I could never have survived without his guidance.

Some of the souvenirs from my visits at the New Yorker Building with Charles Addams.

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